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What is it?

What is it that causes people to believe that their shade factor and rudeness will go undetected? Where have class, integrity, and manners gone?

There are many people that insult your intelligence and introduce into your life their shadiness, rudeness, and passive agression. Here’s a tip offenders, save it for someone stupid.

I’m now enlisted, as a brave soldier, in a small army of people smart enough not to put up with it. Yes, I said army. Because we have to fight for and defend our right to peace of mind every day. Taking the high road is a battle. One we have to win. We have to be the example. We take the proverbial punches, kicks to the gut, slaps in the face, and win every battle with class.

It’s not enough to claim you are classy. You can only claim something when you act in that manner. You can only act in that manner when you are being tested in a situation where you can react with or without class and it’s always a choice. It’s always beyond obvious which choice someone has made. So why do people think their actions go unnoticed for what they really are.

Two answers:

1. They genuinely have an inability to accurately assess how their words and actions may affect others. SOLUTION:  For those who genuinely don’t get it, take the time to voice your opions to them flat out if you value that relationship. You are actually presenting them with a battle and they will make a choice to respond with or without class. The decision about keeping them in your life will become crystal clear.

2. They are simply too brazen to give a hell how you feel as long as they reach their goal. SOLUTION: You are the company you keep.  Maintain your distance. Put on your Sunday best, prepare high tea, take a sip and enjoy dessert with someone who matters. You’ve earned it after a day of battle, you classy guys and gals.

Class: Use it. You have it.

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